General Dentistry

Your check up

Your examination will involve a comprehensive check of your teeth, gum health and cancer screening, only necessary x-rays will be taken. Children’s mouths are checked for decay, cleaning and development.

Fundamental to maintaining a healthy mouth is home care prevention.  We will help you understand and develop the skills to keep your mouth healthy.

Should there be any concerns we can offer you a full range of treatments for holes in teeth, missing teeth and gum disease


Fillings are placed to restore shape and function to teeth damaged by decay, wear or fractures. Modern white fillings can be used to match more closely appearance of your own teeth although they may stain and require some maintenance over time. Amalgam fillings are durable and easily placed but unfortunately have poor aesthetics.

For particularly large fillings, porcelain, gold or white filling material can be used by our laboratory to make a bespoke filling for you, these are called inlays.


Sometimes teeth are badly broken down, heavily filled and weak. A crown is a false tooth that fits over-the-top of an existing tooth down to the gum, whilst an onlay only covers the biting surface of the tooth. The treated tooth is first reduced in size to make room for the crown material, impressions are taken of the prepared tooth and the opposing teeth, and a laboratory makes the new tooth in the form of a crown which is then cemented on top of your own tooth.

Whilst your crown is being made a temporary plastic crown is fitted to keep everything safe. Your new crown can be made of porcelain, zirconia, porcelain fused to metal or gold. Each material has its own advantages which we will be happy to discuss with you in the course of your treatment planning.

Root Canal Treatment

This is also known as endodontic treatment and may be carried out following extensive decay within a tooth, a broken tooth or filling, or trauma. You may be experiencing pain mainly with hot drinks or food, pain to pressure on one tooth, or you may have noticed swelling or pus draining around the tooth. The nerve and the blood vessels that keep the tooth alive sometimes become irritated beyond their ability to heal or sometimes even die, this can result in severe pain and infection.

The aim of root treatment is to remove the irritated or dead tissue and any bacteria present inside of the tooth so that it can be filled and restored back to function, this is usually done with a crown. You would usually be numb during this treatment, so it should feel similar to a lengthy filling. There may be pain afterwards, this can last for seven to ten days and can be managed with over the counter pain relief. Four out of five teeth survive to 10 years after treatment.


Unfortunately, sometimes teeth are beyond repair or you may feel that the tooth has caused more problems than it’s worth and the time has come for it to go. Both surgical and routine extractions are provided to free you of that troublesome tooth.

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