Preventative Dentistry

Prevention - Better than cure!

Maintaining a healthy mouth and preventing further disease is key to keeping your mouth comfortable and your smile looking good.  

We are here to offer you the help and support, developing the knowledge and skills to achieve this from advice on cleaning in-between your teeth to regular scale and polish appointments let us help you reduce your experience of dental disease.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into making your mouth comfortable and looking good, you want it to last. Decay and gum disease are preventable diseases, we’re here to give you advice and share techniques to make your diet less decay inducing and your cleaning more effective.

Scale and polish

We provide regular scale and polishes to our patients in conjunction with oral hygiene instruction to help prevent or even reverse the early stages of gum disease. Regular cleans may also be provided to patients who have received more involved treatment for their gums as part of their maintenance programme.

Of course, sometimes you simply have some staining on your teeth and our air polisher provides a gentle way of getting everything bright and clean again.

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