Initial Consultation

Your first appointment with us may take up to one hour. During this visit you will have a thorough examination and discussion about your needs and wants.

It also helps us to become acquainted and decide on a treatment plan. At the end of your consultation we will give you an estimate of our fees, details of the various payment options and the Skircoat Green Care plan.

Your examination will include:-

  • Examination of your head and neck and jaw joints.
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Examination of your teeth and existing restorations
  • Occlusion (how your teeth bite together)
  • Gum examination
  • Review of oral hygiene proceedures
  • X-rays (where appropriate)
  • Diet analysis (where appropriate)
  • Cosmetic smile analysis

The General Dental Council regulates dentists and dental care professionals in the United Kingdom.